I’ve officially reached post tired

I do strange things when I’m tired. I had a doner kebab last night. An actual doner kebab. Smothered in chilli and garlic sauce, all the salads and a couple of chillies. MustBeTheMummy is on her 5.2 and I couldn’t face cooking solo.

It’s been tough five days. Hero has been teething and everything has become a fuzz. I have no clue what time of day it is and I’m willing the clock to strike 6.50pm – it’s when MustBeTheMummy arrives home from work. It’s the time I can crash for a couple of hours.

The whole routine has gone out of the window and the little man isn’t bothered about sleeping. Last night we watched Emmerdale (I don’t even watch Emmerdale) and a bit of Women’s Football before retiring to the crib. Another two hours later Hero went to sleep. FOR TWO HOURS before screaming the house down.


The days seem to be ok but the nights are a mixture of surreal moments and endless shrieking. Last night, at around 3am, my JD Sports shopping basket had two pairs of Adidas Originals ZX Flux, a Nike Club French Terry Tracksuit and two pairs of Nike Air Max 95 (In blue and grey). I reached checkout but stopped myself spending nearly £400.

JD Sport? sports apparel? Do I look 14? I’ve officially gone mad.

It’s a phase. We’ve been here before with our daughters. Back then I was at work and had no clue what my wife was going through when I used to rock up at 7pm after spending a ‘hard day’ at work. I salute you MustBeTheMummy. I salute all stay at home mums and dads who have been through this. You are amazing.