At last, a magazine that will keep my daughter entertained

I adore magazines and have done since I was  little. From my first issue of Girl to getting my subscriber copy of Elle through the post to picking up a copy of Inside Soap from the newsie, the concept of having a spare moment to myself to sift through pages of content I love makes me happy.

I’ve encouraged magazine buying in my household (well, my husband started off as a print journalist) and ever since our eldest daughter has been able to stick stickers on things, we’ve bought her an array of kid-friendly titles.

Now Diya is a little older, and is able to read, we have subscribed to First News and let her read some sections of the weekend supplements. Yes, she’s advanced for a six year old.

Post school slump: 3 year old colouring, 5 year old reading Sunday Times Style 😳 #likemotherlikedaughter

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And then I stumbled upon ‘Amazing!’ magazine, a really lovely, colourful, gender-neutral magazine which is super interesting to read and is actually based on the primary national curriculum.  As you can see from the image, it’s a bit ‘Horrible Histories’ meets ‘Beano’.  Each issue is based on a theme, such as Ancient Romans, and I plan to file away our copies so that I can pull out relevant copies to coincide with the weekly classroom themes at school.  I actually love it.


Amazing! magazine

I asked Diya to contribute to this post and type up her thoughts on the ‘Ancient Romans Special’.  Here’s what she said:

“Love the word search I’m so good at it. I love the Roman numbers. I love the paper because it is thick and shiny. I love the pictures. I would like to read Amazing magazine every month!”

diya reading amazing magazine

If you think you’d like to test out the magazine at home, just leave a comment – the first 1o people to get in touch will receive a free copy.  The lovely people at Amazing! magazine are also offering a 10% discount – just use the code WOW10 at the subscription checkout on their website.

For more info on Amazing! check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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